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--- Comment #4 from Jonathan Druart <jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org> ---
(In reply to Jesse Weaver from comment #3)
> Created attachment 48519 [details] [review]
> Bug 15350: Cache loaded DBIx::Class schema classes
> This separates the Koha::Schema creation into two stages:
>  1) The loading of the schemas themselves, which is done upon import of
>     Koha::Database. This requires moving the import of Koha::Schema from
>     an on-demand `require` to just a `use`; most everything in Koha uses
>     C4::Context, which will indirectly end up calling
>     Koha::Database->schema->new anyway, so this was no longer saving
>     anything.

Yes, I totally agree. This was previously done when our Plack implementation
was not considered stable and we did not want to load the schema everywhere.
Now we want.

>  2) The actual database connection, which is done by cloning the schema
>     created above and adding a database connection.

I am not sure about this change, the Koha::Schema->connect will load all the
classes (see Koha::Schema:  12 __PACKAGE__->load_namespaces;).

> Note that this saves time only when a Plack-based Koha needs to create
> a database connection, which is usually only the case for a new worker.
> Unscientific timings before patch:
>   * First load of koha2marclinks.pl on a new worker: 0.70 seconds
>   * Each load after: 0.17 seconds
> After patch:
>   * First load: 0.31 seconds
>   * Each load after: 0.17 seconds

Are you sure it's brought by the ->clone call or just the move from require to
use? :)

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