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--- Comment #44 from Marcel de Rooy <m.de.rooy at rijksmuseum.nl> ---
Created attachment 48668
Bug 13871: [TITLE_AMENDED] Additional changes

The original perltidy patch from Mason has been amended.

The perltidy itself has been moved to a separate patch with the current
perltidyrc applied.

As noted on Bugzilla, the original perltidy patch included some extra
[1] You prefix timestamp with Sip
    This is not actually needed (it is imported), but if we should prefix it,
    we should prefix now with C4::SIP::Sip. But you only changed two
    occurrences (out of 26). So I remove these two changes.
[2] You remove the $server parameter from two calls of maybe_add:
    A closer look at the remaining code tells me that $server is always
    passed to maybe_add for FID_SCREEN_MSG. So this only left me the
    current whitespace change.
But at least we documented what we did or did not, and why..

Signed-off-by: Marcel de Rooy <m.de.rooy at rijksmuseum.nl>

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