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[SIGNED-OFF] Bug 11590: Restrict the actions for the DB user

The DB user (the one defined in the KOHA_CONF file, section config)
should not be used to navigate into Koha.
It has been decided to let it actif to create the first user easily.
This patch suggests to restrict as much as possible the actions for this
user. If logged with this user, the administrator will only be able to
create the first user and that's all.
Automatically the new user created will be a superlibrarian.

Test plan:
1/ Use the DB user to log you in into Koha.
2/ Make sure you are just able to go to the about and help pages.
On the main page, you are pleased to create an user.
3/ Click on the link to create a new user
4/ Fill the form and save
5/ You are redirected to the loggin page
6/ Use the new user credentials and confirm it has been created as a

Signed-off-by: Philippe Blouin <philippe.blouin at inlibro.com>

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