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--- Comment #129 from Jacek Ablewicz <abl at biblos.pk.edu.pl> ---
(In reply to Jacek Ablewicz from comment #126)
> (In reply to Jonathan Druart from comment #125)
> > Hi Jacek,
> > Did you try to profile a "real life" situation?
> catalogue/search.pl (159 search results, w/ 50 results displayed per page)
> It calls ->preference() 808 times, fetching 84 different preferences.

If I enable search results XSLT processing, the same test causes 2706
preference() calls and 102 different preferences being fetched.. So, this patch
set in its current form, in that particular scenario, will "cost" us at least
an extra 200-250 msec for the default Cache::Memory caching system and ~100
msec for memcached.

BTW: those usec/msec values I posted in this bug report are for tests performed
on (still, relativelly) fast server (i7-3770 + 32GB RAM).

BTW #2: Bug 15263 looks like a very good start for remeding excessive
preference() calls involved in search results XSLT processing - but I bet that
it is not the only scenario when a lot of excessive preference() calls happens
in Koha.

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