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Jacek Ablewicz <abl at biblos.pk.edu.pl> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Jacek Ablewicz <abl at biblos.pk.edu.pl> ---
Great idea IMO - but only as long as you are caching scalars (like in Bug
11998).. Unfortunately, caching complex data structures that way globally (by
reference) is inherently dangerous and regression-prone. Would be great to have
such mechanism in Koha, but to be on the safe side, it should be used carefully
and selectively (e.g. - let's return a "deep clone" of the cached data
structure by default, and the direct reference only if explicitly asking for
it, etc.).

This patch is tempting - it would provide some big, immediate speed gains for a
lot of scripts if pushed right now, and in this moment it probably would not
break anything important (but only because we don't use Koha::Cache all that
much so far). But on the long term, such method will make Koha::Cache
essentially unusable for caching anything complex - to stay on the safe side,
typically you'll need to meticulously audit a lot of the code to ensure that
data structure fetched from the cache is not getting messed up internally in
any code part between subsequent feches.

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