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--- Comment #8 from Marcel de Rooy <m.de.rooy at rijksmuseum.nl> ---
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Bug 15545: Optionally require notes when placing a hold

This report adds three cases where you could want to require a note when
placing a hold. Each of these cases may be enabled separately via the
system preference HoldNoteReasons. (The hold note itself is triggered
by OpacHoldNotes.)

These three cases are:
[1] serial indication in the leader (called LEADER_SERIAL)
[2] collection indication in the leader (LEADER_COLLECTION)
[3] MARC 300$a contains an indication of multiple parts/volumes, as
    identified by a regular expression (MARC300A_PARTS).

The new sub IsHoldNoteRequired in Reserves.pm handles these cases. And will
be easily extensible.
Also this patch removes some unused code in the reserves template for
mandatory hold notes reasons.

Test plan:
[1] Enable OpacHoldNotes. Set HoldNoteReasons to LEADER_SERIAL.
[2] In OPAC, place a hold on a serial record (with correct leader).
    Verify that the hold notes are required.
[3] Set HoldNoteReasons to MARC300A_PARTS.
    Verify that the hold notes are no longer required for the record in
    the preceding step. (This actually depends on your 300$a..)
    Cancel the hold you placed.
[4] Add "2 vols" to MARC 300$a in the same record.
    Try to place the hold again. The hold notes should be required again.
[5] Place a multiple hold request with the same record and another one.
    Click Place Hold while more-options is collapsed (blank notes).
    Is the correct hold note made visible?

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