[Koha-bugs] [Bug 16053] Edit the active currency removes its 'active' flag

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--- Comment #6 from Katrin Fischer <katrin.fischer at bsz-bw.de> ---
Created attachment 49341
[PASSED QA] Bug 16053: Do not remove the active flag when editing the active

>From commit b574b615919a6463708d4c1d7b1153a061c1ea0a
   Bug 15084: Make sure the previous active currency is marked as inactive

When a currency is stored, all the active flags of all currencies are unset.
Only the active ones and different than the one we are editing should be

Test plan:
Edit the active currency
=> Without this patch the active flag was removed
=> With this patch, the active flag is kept

Edit another currency and set it the active flag
=> The active flag must have been removed from the previously active

Signed-off-by: Owen Leonard <oleonard at myacpl.org>

Signed-off-by: Katrin Fischer <katrin.fischer.83 at web.de>

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