[Koha-bugs] [Bug 11565] decreaseLoanHighHolds needs Override

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Wed Mar 23 17:12:24 CET 2016


--- Comment #18 from Christopher Brannon <cbrannon at cdalibrary.org> ---
(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #17)
> How about having the options visible once one of the options was activated? 
> Or maybe just have the active one visible.
> I agree that 'decluttering' the display should be moved to a different
> report. But I think it's increasingly necessary, because this is a really
> important area.
> Also, to be more clear - if you have been using the feature already, this
> patch will make the new option show up and you have no good way of hiding
> it. I think the least we need to do is make it easy to hide.

I'm all for having the dropdown choices, and an indicator to show the feature
is active.  Again, as long as it doesn't drive up the cost of this project, or
prolong it.


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