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Laurence Rault <laurence.rault at biblibre.com> changed:

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--- Comment #32 from Laurence Rault <laurence.rault at biblibre.com> ---
Tested on sandbox, unimarc and marc21

"- The users with access to the validation framework are set in
CatalogingValidationUsers." : this text in CatalogingValidation description
should be removed or replaced with something like "Users with access to the
validation framework should have the cataloging_validation_framework

The cataloging_validation_framework permission does not exist at all

I feel disturbing that suppress=1 is set on 942$n in the code : that means that
this will work only for marc21 configuration. How about unimarc ?
I think it would be better to be able configure the framework field/subfield
concerned with suppress status

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