[Koha-bugs] [Bug 9004] Talking Tech doesn't account for holidays when calculating a holds last pickup date.

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Nick Clemens <nick at bywatersolutions.com> changed:

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--- Comment #15 from Nick Clemens <nick at bywatersolutions.com> ---
Test plan:
 0 - Set ReservesMaxPickUpDelay to some value greater than 0
 1 - Place a hold for a patron
 2 - Check in and confirm the hold to set status to waiting
 3 - On patron screen there should be a message "Waiting at X until d/a/te"
 4 - Run the itiva outbound cronjob script:
perl /path/to/koha/misc/cronjobs/thirdparty/TalkingTech_itiva_outbound.pl -o
~/itiva.tmp -w 0 --type=RESERVE
 5 - Check the output file, the max waiting date seen above should be there
 6 - Add a holiday (or several) on the max waiting date
 7 - Run the script again
 8 - Date should eb unchanged in file
 9 - Apply patch
10 - Run the script again
11 - Date should now be moved past the holidays set in step 6

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