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--- Comment #177 from Jonathan Druart <jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org> ---
(In reply to Srdjan Jankovic from comment #176)
> Jonathan, I'm having problems with t/db_dependent/Context.t test 35 (line
> 97) where you reverted logic. Can you please double check it for me, cause
> it looks to me that the previous version was ok.
> Much obliged.

Are you talking about
 99 C4::Context->enable_syspref_cache();
100 is(C4::Context->preference("SillyPreference"), 'thing3', "Retrieved syspref
(value='thing3') successfully from cache");
101 isnt( $trace_read, q{}, 'The pref should be retrieved from the database if
the cache has been enabled');
102 $trace_read = q{};

C4::Context->enable_syspref_cache will clear the syspref cache, so we will need
to access the DB to retrieve the value of the pref.

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