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Marc Véron <veron at veron.ch> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Marc Véron <veron at veron.ch> ---
Created attachment 49672
Bug 16157: Move the selected flag from GetAuthorisedValues to the templates

>From C4::Koha::GetAuthorisedValues

    # TODO: the "selected" feature should be replaced by a utility function
    # somewhere else, it doesn't belong in here. For starters it makes
    # caching much more complicated. Or just let the UI logic handle it, it's
    # what it's for.

Indeed, it's not a job for a subroutine, the template should take care of that.
Note that a perf gain could be won with this patch \o/

Test plan:
- Edit an itemtype and check the value of the "Search category" dropdown list
- Edit a patron attribute type and check the value of the "Class" dropdown list
- Detail for a catalogue record, the Status column should be correctly
  populated if items are damaged and/or lost
- Item details for a catalogue record, the lost, damaged and withdrawn
  value should be correctly displayed
- Edit a patron, the "street type" should be correctly selected
- Create a patron attribute type linked to an authorised value list.
- Edit a patron, set a value for this attribute, edit it again. The
  correct value should be selected.
- Search for subscriptions. The 'Location' dropdown list should behave
  correctly (select the entry you have choosen before, etc.)
- Edit a subscription, the location dropdown list should select the
  correct value.
- Edit and view a suggestion with a 'reason for suggestion' set (you
  should have at least 1 OPAC_SUG AV defined)

Followed test plan, works as expected
Signed-off-by: Marc Véron <veron at veron.ch>

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