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Bug 16167: Remove Authorised value images

There are 2 prefs to drive this feature: StaffAuthorisedValueImages and
AuthorisedValueImages. AuthorisedValueImages is not added by
sysprefs.sql and
does not appear in updatedatabase.pl, we could easily imagine that
nobody uses it.
With XSLT enabled, the feature is only visible on a record detail page
at the OPAC, if AuthorisedValueImages is set.
Otherwise you need to turn the XSLT off. In this case you will see the
images on the result list (OPAC+Staff interfaces) and OPAC detail page,
but not the Staff detail page.

This patch suggests to remove completely this feature as it does not
work correctly.

Test plan:
Confirm that the authorised value images are no longer visible at the
opac and the staff interfaces.
The prefs should have been removed too.

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