[Koha-bugs] [Bug 16173] db_structure.t shouldn't have a fixed number of tests

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--- Comment #1 from Tomás Cohen Arazi <tomascohen at gmail.com> ---
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Bug 16173: db_structure.t shouldn't have a fixed number of tests

This patch makes db_structure.t more flexible regarding how many tests are run.
This is important because it would fail on each db structure change, masking
real problems.

To test:
- Run
  $ prove t/db_dependent/db_structure.t
=> FAIL: the number of tests ran doesn't match what is expected
- Apply the patch
- Run
  $ prove t/db_dependent/db_structure.t
=> SUCCESS: Tests count is not an issue [1]
- Sign off

[1] Right now the tests run successfuly, they might fail if a real bug is
on the DB structure, in the meantime.

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