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David Cook <dcook at prosentient.com.au> changed:

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--- Comment #21 from David Cook <dcook at prosentient.com.au> ---
Maybe I'm missing something but for an upgraded Koha... the only place I'm
seeing prices include GST is on acqui-home.pl. Everywhere else is excluding
GST, which makes for some rather inconsistent displays.

Still pulling the string on this one, but in 17.05.03 the ordered.pl and
spent.pl pages (which are reached via acqui-home.pl) don't include GST. 

The order page doesn't show GST... although I think that is perhaps based on
vendor settings.

The basket doesn't show GST unlss "Show all details" is selected...

Of course, regardless of vendor configuration, you'd need to have a consistent
display at a high level, since you'd be aggregating many vendors with different

But it would be good to have a budgeted cost because GST included/excluded
arbitrarily seems to throw out the budgets...

Anyway, looking at this more, but not really seeing this as an improvement.

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