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Fri Apr 6 09:48:06 CEST 2018


--- Comment #35 from Katrin Fischer <katrin.fischer at bsz-bw.de> ---
(In reply to Marcel de Rooy from comment #34)
> Could you have a look please at bug 14769 ?
> We have a conflict re blinddetail*
> Bug 14769 solves some issues for authority controlled indicators (including
> $2 subfields), working with the regular editor. I may be biased, but Rancor
> is still a lower priority?
> Could you follow the changes there ?

I don't think we should prioritize here, but I am biased too. Since Rancor is
no longer experimental and this is just the feature missing that keeps a lot of
people from using it. I view this one as a very important candidate for 18.05.

First patch here: 6.7.2017, Sign off: 10.8.2017
Review here has already been done a few times with prompt follow-ups and never
mentioning a possible conflict. 

For bug 14769
Current patch set: 26.1.2018, Sign off: 5.3.2018

That said, please talk to each other to figure out how to resolve this conflict
best - if we work together, it will hopefully be possible to have both patches
go in before the deadline.

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