[Koha-bugs] [Bug 20284] ILL: Adding a 'new request' from OPAC fails with template error if text exists in ILLModuleCopyrightClearance

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--- Comment #2 from Andrew Isherwood <andrew.isherwood at ptfs-europe.com> ---
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Bug [20284] - [ILL: Adding a 'new request' from ..]

This patch fixes the display of the copyright notice text that is defined in
ILLModuleCopyrightClearance preference when placing ILL requests from the OPAC.
Handling of the copyrightclearance stage was missing, this has been added.

Test plan:

- Ensure you have at least one ILL backend available:
- Ensure you have the "ILLModule" preference enabled
- Add some text to the "ILLModuleCopyrightClearance" preference
- Navigate to a search results page in the catalog
- Click the "Make an Interlibrary Loan request" link at the bottom
- Choose "Create a new request", then select a backend
- TEST: Check the text you added earlier is displayed with buttons for agreeing
or disagreeing (prior to this patch, this screen displayed an error)
- TEST: Check that clicking "Yes" takes you to the form for adding request
- TEST: Check that clicking "No" takes you back to the "Interlibrary loan
requests" page

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