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--- Comment #27 from M. Tompsett <mtompset at hotmail.com> ---
Comment on attachment 73651
  --> https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=73651
Bug 19817: Add pref KohaManualLanguage

Review of attachment 73651:
 --> (https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/page.cgi?id=splinter.html&bug=19817&attachment=73651)

::: Koha/Manual.pm
@@ +20,2 @@
>      my $KohaManualBaseURL = C4::Context->preference('KohaManualBaseURL') || 'http://koha-community.org/manual';
> +    my $KohaManualLanguage = C4::Context->preference('KohaManualLanguage') || 'en';

If there are multiple languages selected, this will be ugly and broken, I think
(haven't tested yet).

::: installer/data/mysql/sysprefs.sql
@@ +47,4 @@
>  ('AnonSuggestions','0',NULL,'Set to enable Anonymous suggestions to AnonymousPatron borrowernumber','YesNo'),
>  ('AnonymousPatron','0',NULL,'Set the identifier (borrowernumber) of the anonymous patron. Used for Suggestion and reading history privacy',''),
>  ('ArticleRequests', '0', NULL, 'Enables the article request feature', 'YesNo'),
> +('ArticleRequestsMandatoryFields', '', NULL, 'Comma delimited list of required fields for bibs where article requests rule = ''yes''', 'Choice'),

Was this another bug fix someewhere? multiple->Choice and removal of end of
line whitespace.

@@ +239,4 @@
>  ('itemcallnumber','082ab',NULL,'The MARC field/subfield that is used to calculate the itemcallnumber (Dewey would be 082ab or 092ab; LOC would be 050ab or 090ab) could be 852hi from an item record','free'),
>  ('KohaAdminEmailAddress','root at localhost','','Define the email address where patron modification requests are sent','free'),
>  ('KohaManualBaseURL','http://koha-community.org/manual/','','Where is the Koha manual/documentation located?','Free'),
> +('KohaManualLanguage','en','en|ar|cs|es|fr|it|pt_BR|tr|zh_TW','What is the language of the online manual you want to use?','multiple'),

I like the idea of calling up the language which is currently selected, if
possible. However, multiple differs from Choice used in the atomic update. Need
to correct somehow.

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