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Nicolas Legrand <nicolas.legrand at bulac.fr> changed:

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--- Comment #12 from Nicolas Legrand <nicolas.legrand at bulac.fr> ---
(In reply to Alex Arnaud from comment #11)
> (In reply to Séverine Queune from comment #10)
> > Patchs work as described.
> > 
> > I misunderstood the way to use numbers, thinking "1" was the most important
> > field(s) I wanted to search in.
> > Maybe a warning or more detailed description would be useful for reindex can
> > take time for big databases, it would be sad if others make the same mistake
> > as I.
> You mean add a warning to tell users that more the weight is hight more the
> field is important?

I think that's what she meant.

> > This weighting add a lot of relevance to the simple search.
> > 
> > In reaction to Gaetan's comment, it also appears that having weight on
> > sub-fields used on the same index would be great.
> > For example, when searching with index "title" in our Unimarc system, we
> > would like to display books that contains the searched word in 200$b before
> > the ones in 410$t.
> I'm not yet confortable enough with all ES capabilities, but it could be
> done by adding a "other-title" search field with a different weight. Does it
> make sens for you?

Yes, but not to our librarians colleagues who want to describe titles in a
myriad of MARC' subfield while uniting them all under one index entry. I'm not
sure to be able to convince them this may not be a good idea :). The 4XX$t as a
title index  for instance, is a relevancy killer. I'll try to convince them to
bind it to a linked-with-title index.

Anyway, having a different relevancy for same index/different subfield may be
another bug.

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