[Koha-bugs] [Bug 14769] Authorities merge: Set correct indicators in biblio field

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Wed Apr 11 13:26:53 CEST 2018


--- Comment #73 from Marcel de Rooy <m.de.rooy at rijksmuseum.nl> ---
(In reply to Jonathan Druart from comment #72)
> I do not have time to test but I am pretty sure the way you cache
> $cached_indicators in Koha::Authority::ControlledIndicators is buggy.
> You should use Koha::Cache::Memory::Lite instead.

Hmm. Must say that I have been thinking about using Koha::Cache for it, but it
would not be a real benefit in time. Problem with Koha::Cache::Memory::Lite is
the same as handling it in the module; the L1 cache and also the
cached_indicators are kept per Plack worker for some time. So would still be

But note that this is strictly hypothetical. The pref is not expected to change
on a regular basis. I decided not to add a clear statement at pref change event
but to add it in the new method. This effectively makes it a minimal issue.

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