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--- Comment #42 from David Bourgault <david.bourgault at inlibro.com> ---
I'm not sure what to do with this bug.
Bug 18786 achieves what I tried to do, but uses AV which I tried to avoid after
Katrin's comment

Comment 17
>At the moment we already have a way to display the mode of payment when the fine is paid via SIP. In this case different accounttype values are used:
>We could also discuss if this should be an authorised value or not. The advantage is, that the library can change it. The disadvantage is that the disadvantage is, that we can only display the values in one langauge at the moment. With the accounttype approach, we'd have to agree on a set of payment methods, but those would be translatable.

and the follow-up in Comment 22, 23 and 24 saying that AVs would not be a good
choice since they need to be translatable.

I tried using SIP-like values (PayXX) not in an effort to be SIP-compliant but
to keep the code uniform. As it stands, I don't consider this to be an
improvement to Koha's SIP2 implentation since the values are not standard (the
protocol only defines 00,01,02).

I don't plan on updating this patch since Bug 18786 does the same thing, unless
we decide that we really don't want to use AVs.

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