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--- Comment #1 from Julian Maurice <julian.maurice at biblibre.com> ---
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Bug 20582: Turn Koha into a Mojolicious application (?)

This patch is a proof-of-concept of Koha as a Mojolicious application

This has several benefits:
- Run `morbo script/koha` and you're set : fully functional Koha without
  apache2/nginx (URL rewrites and static files are handled by the app)
- apache2/nginx configuration is much simpler (an example of nginx
  configuration is included in the patch)
- starman and plack middlewares can still be used for debug or gzip
  compression for instance (see script/koha.psgi)
- All that is needed to run koha is in the source code and not hidden in
  an obscure directory (I'm looking at you, debian/templates/plack.psgi)
- Using Test::Mojo we can test the whole application, as we do with the
  REST API (which is a Mojolicious application too)
- It's another step in the direction of dropping CGI support
- It also opens a way for converting CGI scripts into Mojolicious
  controllers and actions (even if that's not possible at the moment
  because of the authentication code)
- It requires zero changes to existing files, so it should apply nicely
  forever (no rebase needed \o/)

A few downsides too:
- It is not complete : some things from debian/templates/plack.psgi are
  missing, like the L1 cache flush or Koha::Middleware::SetEnv. But that
  shouldn't be too hard to add.
- Already mentioned above, but the actual state of get_template_and_user
  and checkauth completely forbids the use of Mojolicious controllers.
  We really need to rewrite C4::Auth
- Not sure if it's a downside or not, but as OPAC and Intranet are on
  the same host:port, if you authenticate on OPAC you will be
  authenticated on Intranet too.
  This can probably be changed if it's really a problem.
- ... see FIXME in the code

Other remarks:
- It uses the same mechanism as Plack::App::CGIBin to deal with CGI
  scripts, so it should be equivalent in terms of performance
- I did not test the install and upgrade process (yet)

How to test ?
- Run `morbo script/koha`, then go to:
  - http://localhost:3000/  -  A basic page that redirects you to OPAC
  - Then navigate in the OPAC, searching for bugs
  - http://localhost:3000/intranet  -  The same page that redirects you
                                       to intranet
  - Then navigate in the Intranet, still searching for bugs
  - http://localhost:3000/api/v1/...  -  The REST API
- Read the code (and the comments), it's not very long

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