[Koha-bugs] [Bug 19974] Marking an item as 'lost' will not actually modify the current item (cataloguing/additem.pl)

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Thu Apr 19 11:09:56 CEST 2018


Séverine Queune <severine.queune at bulac.fr> changed:

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--- Comment #46 from Séverine Queune <severine.queune at bulac.fr> ---
About the use of 'MarkLostItemsAsReturned', I first understood 'checked=return'
and 'unchecked=don't return', but it's the opposite.
Given that, all behaviours are correct except for longoverdue.pl : with
'MarkLostItemsAsReturned' checked or not, item are not returned. But I'm not
used to this script, so maybe I messed somewhere when I used it (I just used
./misc/cronjobs/longoverdue.pl --confirm).
Probably someone else should try.
I update the ticket on 'Failed' to get some attention :)

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