[Koha-bugs] [Bug 19368] Add syspref to ignore words when sorting serials

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--- Comment #47 from Séverine Queune <severine.queune at bulac.fr> ---
Hi Nick !
I'm not sure I understood all your comments, but I've tested once more and here
are my feedbacks.

(In reply to Nick Clemens from comment #46)
> The pref now affects all datatables where we use anti-the,
When you say 'all databases using anti-the', can you tell me which one are
concernd ?
Do you have some ideas it could impact staff client and so where I should test
I've tried on the /cgi-bin/koha/circ/circulation.pl page for the issues-table :
articles are ignored even when the syspref is empty.

> however, we still generate the extra column in serials-search and sort against that initially?
I don't understand that part.

> This code also seems to automatically strip articles before apostrophes -
> this works for some languages, but would it work for all? I don't know if
> the 'anti-the' plugin works with apostrophe'd articles, can you weigh in on
> that severine or someone else?
I tested with " L' " and " D' ", used very often in french and they are
correctly ignore for sorting if I save them on the syspref.
Do you have ideas of what of strings / articles / apostrophes use could be a
problem ?

> I find it confusing that the table is initially sorted by one column, then
> uses another if you click.  Adding this to datatables seems to allow sorting
> by a hidden column:
>  { 'orderData': 2, 'targets': 0},
I don't understand that part either...

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