[Koha-bugs] [Bug 20600] Provide the ability for users to filter ILL requests

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--- Comment #3 from Andrew Isherwood <andrew.isherwood at ptfs-europe.com> ---
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Bug 20600: Add filtering of ILL requests in list

This patch adds the ability for the ILL request list in the staff
interface to be filtered by a number of criteria:

- Status
- Date placed
- Date modified
- Pickup branch
- Borrower card number

To test:
1) Apply patch
2) Ensure you have a reasonable range of ILL requests created
3) Navigate to the "View ILL requests" page
4) Choose one or more filtering criteria
5) Click "Search"
6) Observe the results are filtered to match the selected criteria
7) Click "Clear"
8) Observe your results are returned to their initial state
9) Repeat steps 4 -> 6 until you are happy.

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