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--- Comment #1 from Julian Maurice <julian.maurice at biblibre.com> ---
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Bug 20635: Write authentication tests with Test::Mojo

The authentication code needs to be rewritten.
There were several attempts (bugs 7174, 18315) and other bugs without
patch that talk about it (12547, 12548, 15204).

Bug 13503 says that before rewriting one of the most sensible area of
Koha, we need to write tests.
Bug 19181 contain some tests, but they require Selenium, firefox, xfvb,
java, and a running web server.

With Mojolicious we can write equivalent tests without all those

This patch add basic tests for password and CAS authentication.

Test plan:
1. Apply bug 20582
2. Apply this patch
3. Run `prove t/integration/auth`

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