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--- Comment #31 from Jonathan Druart <jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org> ---
(In reply to Katrin Fischer from comment #30)
> I am not sure about this one. 
> Won't it remove the possibility to fix a forgotten superlibrarian password?
> I know there is the script, but it's often hard to get IT run something for
> you, especially in smaller libraries.

What is sure is that it put too much work on dev side, see related bug reports.
We discussed that several times and I understood there was a general agreement
on removing this "feature".
It's a long standing problem and we will need to re-educate the users/sysadmin
to use other tools, like the script to create real user accounts.
I think we will certainly have to provide more tools to replace this

> Have updates been tested? I don't see that in comment#9.

Marcel and I did.

> What happens with libraries that didn't add a superlibrarian user in the
> past (pre-onboarding)?

They will have to create a superlibrarian user.

> >In the release notes it would be good to refer to the Forgot password feature >(hopefully enabled) or the script create_superlibrarian
> The reset password feature won't ever be used by all libraries. For example
> libraries using LDAP, Shibboleth or CAS won't ever use it.

I do not understand what it means.

> Also, why is there no proper test plan or nice description on the commit
> messages? (looking at you, Jonathan, this time! ;) )

I told it on comment 8, the idea was to let testers think about what I forgot.

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