[Koha-bugs] [Bug 19166] Add the ability to add adjustments to an invoice

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Bug 19166: Add the ability to add adjustments to an invoice

This patchset adds the ability to add adjustments to an invoice, one can
provide a reason, an adjustment amount, select a budget, and choose
whether to encumber the funds before the invoice is closed or not

To test:

1 - Create a new invoice with or without a shipping cost
2 - Note there are no existing adjustments
3 - Add an adjustment
4 - Submit the form withno changes, nothing happens
5 - Update the adjustment you created, ensure changes are saved but no
extra adjustment created
6 - Add another invoice prodiving only reason or amount (you can have 0
        value adjustments)
7 - Verify the adjustment total at bottom is correct
8 - Recieve some orders
9 - Verify totals are correct


Signed-off-by: Séverine QUEUNE <severine.queune at bulac.fr>

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