[Koha-bugs] [Bug 20607] Elasticsearch - ability to add a relevancy weight in mappings.yaml file

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Tue Apr 24 15:15:29 CEST 2018


--- Comment #2 from Alex Arnaud <alex.arnaud at biblibre.com> ---
Created attachment 74805
Bug 20607 - Make
Koha::SearchEngine::Elasticsearch::reset_elasticsearch_mappings take weight
into account

Test plan:
  - apply BZ 18316 and this one,
  - update DB and schema files,
  - edit admin/searchengine/elasticsearch/mappings.yaml
    to add weight for some fields,
  - go to admin > search engine configuration,
  - reset your mappings (add ?op=reset&i_know_what_i_am_doing=1 to url),
  - check that weights you've added are set

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