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--- Comment #11 from Owen Leonard <oleonard at myacpl.org> ---
Created attachment 74842
Bug 20329: Text input fields are wider than the fieldset class they are inside

This alternate patch defines a width of 100% for text inputs and selects
inside sidebar fieldsets. The scope of this style is limited to the
sidebar by unsetting the width for fieldsets within "#yui-main," the
main body of the page.

This patch also removes inline styles from two templates which are now

To test, apply the patch and clear your cache if necessary.

View various pages which have a sidebar search form: acqui/invoices.pl,
members/members-home.pl, circ/overdue.pl, acqui/parcel.pl. Confirm that
form fields in the sidebar look correct.

Confirm that other forms styled with the "brief" class aren't
unintentionally affected by this patch. For example:
circ/request-article.pl, members/member-password.pl,
reports/reports-home.pl, reserve/request.pl

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