[Koha-bugs] [Bug 20517] Use the "sort bin" field in SIP2 Checkin Response

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Christophe Croullebois <christophe.croullebois at biblibre.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Christophe Croullebois <christophe.croullebois at biblibre.com> ---
Hello Magnus,

we have in Biblibre a specific dev on this topic.
We do not use it to indicate to the user where to put the item, but to be used
by a sorting machine.
I think it is the same, because we put the number of sort bin expected in the
CL field.
It is more complex than your suggestion, we use two config files .yaml, the
first just have the bin number in case of an hold on the item.
The second one is more complex, you can use conditions with eq/neq and/or to
chose the number of the sortbin based on all 995$ subfields (item fields in
So the Library can give many conditions for each sortbin based on all item's
Marc subfield.
We do not submit this dev because we thought it was not sure it will be agreed
by the community.
Anyway if you want to examine it I could send it to you.
Best regards

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