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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
version 3.02.01
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Andrew Elwell (2):
      Bug 5385: POD Cleanups (part 1)
      Bug 5385: POD Cleanups (part 2)

Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel (14):
      Bug 5130 - Misspelled words: biblographic delimeter extention
      Bug 5134 - Misspelled words: exisiting anomolies genereated
      Bug 5133 - Misspelled words: reservior notifiying deleete + recieving
      Bug 5132 - Misspelled words: Acquistion Succesfully professionnal
      Bug 5124 - Duplicate and Misspelled words: periodicy outputing
      Bug 5123 - Misspelled words: Depdending Commited flutucations
      Bug 5122 - Misspelled word: transfered
      Additional fix Bug 5122 - Misspelled word: transfered
      Bug 5121 - Misspelled words: stripts biographyl Begininning
      Bug 5119: Misspelled word correspounding
      Bug 5117: Misspelled word Organisztion
      Bug 5118: Misspelled word: Currencey
      Misspells: deleteing -> deleting
      Misspell: Quanity -> Quantity

Brian Engard (2):
      Create Unit Test for ImportBatch
      Updated links in Main Page Help

ByWater Solutions (1):
      Bug 4254 - adding new patron advanced notice doesn't save

Chris Cormack (14):
      History updates
      Updating version number and fixing the xxx in updatedatabase ... my bad
      Bug 5363 - Removing unused module (C4::Cache::FastMemcached)
      Merge branch 'trivial_bugs' of git://git.koha-community.org/wip/koha-fbc into kcmaster
      Staff interface .po file updates
      Russian and Ukranian opac language updates
      Ukranian and Russian syspref language updates
      Merge remote branch 'kc/master' into new/bug_5105
      Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5105' into kcmaster
      Test modules compile
      Merge remote branch 'kc/new/bug_5386' into kcmaster
      Bug 5385 - Fixing an error that crept in with the POD cleanup
      Brooke caught my april fools trick, its not 20004 yet!
      German and italian language updates

Chris Nighswonger (7):
      Correcting Version Number for 3.2.x branch
      Updating Version Number to
      Adding 3.2 Release Maintainer to Release Team List
      Updating Version Number to
      Bug 5381 - Fines in notices prints always 0.00
      Beginning of Release Notes for
      Release Notes for

Colin Campbell (6):
      Bug 5224 Remove the adjective Shopping from basket
      Bug 4305 Improve code flow
      Bug 5315: Remove references to obsolete variable nbstatements
      Bug 4305: Add test case for ISBN-13 to ISBN-10 conversion
      Bug 5392 Initialize vars used in building url strings
      Bug 4074 Fix fail to parse simple qualified search

Daniel Grobani (1):
      unit test stub for Z3950.pm

Frédéric Demians (6):
      Bug 5177 Selecting default sort result by syspref
      Bug 5368 Browse Shelf link appears when no itemcallnumber
      Bug 5372 (v2) Existing value can be replace by default value
      Bug 4472 Apply it to MARC21
      Fix bug on opac-detail.pl with switch statement
      Bug 5204 Followup

Galen Charlton (33):
      bug 5128: fix syntax errors in previous patch
      bug 3211: fix some errors that crept into the cleanup
      bug 5146: patron import files require header row
      remove extraneous semicolon
      bug 5327: follow-up to fix SIP tests
      history updates - recent releases
      remove unused template include
      bug 5162: follow-up patch to not clear hidden input setting attribute type
      bug 5243: avoid crash when saving authority records on certain setups
      bug 5301: improve escaping of XML characters in bib output
      tweak wording of merge target
      bug 4991: follow-up tweaks
      bug 5318: fix value of r4 rank weight
      bug 2567: let 008/15-17 and 008/24-27 be set
      bug 5308: add foreign key constraints as well
      bug 4141: fix upgrade of OPAC XSLT parameters from 3.0.x
      bug 5190: link to MARC21/UNIMARC online doc in the bib editor
      bug 5190: improve linking to MARC field documentation
      bug 5311: correction to database update
      bug 5149: follow-up - remove extraneous character in link
      bug 5219: tidy cleanup_database.pl
      bug 5236: remove hidemytags from CSS as well
      bug 5372: identify empty field in authority record correctly
      bug 5380: remove copy-and-paste from authorities/detail.pl
      bug 4305: add a couple test cases for _isbn_cleanup
      fix use of outdated boilerplate
      bug 5309: tweak so that background progress doesn't exit immediately
      bug 5389: mark Business::ISBN as a required dependency
      bug 5393 [SIGNED-OFF]: add test case to check well-formedness of XML/XSLT files
      bug 4359 follow-up: noItemTypeImages should just control image display
      bug 4359: make other pages in the OPAC respect noItemTypeImages
      bug 5400: new test case to find files with merge conflict markers
      bug 4866 follow-up - minor code formatting cleanup

      Fix bug 3811; Index language as word

Jared Camins-Esakov (1):
      Update language mappings to fix Bug 5311

Katrin Fischer (12):
      Bug 5327: Add basic unit tests to some C4 modules
      Bug 5327: More basic unit tests for C4 modules
      Bug 5370: Fix references to koha.org and other old websites
      Bug 5370: Fix all references to koha.org
      Bug 5370: Fix all the references to koha.org
      Bug 5370: Fix all references to koha.org
      Bug 5003: Can not search for organisation by name
      Bug 5112: Organisation does not show links to professionals
      Bug 4979: Acq: input fields for new record are too short
      BUG 5058: small layout correction of vendor form
      Bug 5059: Inconsistent use of ordering price and list price in vendor form
      Bug 5175: Publisher link breaks display, if no publisher exists

Liz Rea (2):
      Adding a simple test for Service.pm
      bug 5237: Testing renewals on patron barcodes with + signs at the end

MJ Ray (1):
      Display available error information during bulkmarcimport

Magnus Enger (1):
      Bug 5327: Add basic unit tests to some C4 modules

Marcel de Rooy (4):
      Enhancement 5074 (Adding possibility to cleanup_database.pl to purge only older sessions) [UPDATED for master]
      Bug 4515 (Few very small errors in opac-search.pl) RESENT fixing whitespace warning
      Bug 4866 for master (Enable Change event for item plugins)
      Bug 5066 (Log timestamp consistently in _session_log)

      (MT 2985) simplify CanBookBeReserved

Nate Curulla (1):
      Bug 5327: Add unit test for ItemType.pm

Nicole Engard (16):
      create unit test files
      BUG 5239 add space between number and words in acq search
      bug 5258 change 'order' to 'order line' on receive page
      bug 5163 change title of holds to pull page
      bug 5151 removed bolded terms in breadcrumbs
      bug 5050 move language prefs to I18N/L10N tab
      add missing help file for merging records
      bug 5019 remove link to funds
      bug 4986 move serials prefs from cataloging tab to serials tab
      bug 5326 fix extended patron attribute error
      bug 5326 fix link to old prefs editor on patron attributes
      bug 5168 change link text from holdings to items
      bug 5171 change 'edit items' to read 'edit item' when next to 1 item
      bug 5110 move NewItemsDefaultLocation to cataloging tab
      bug 5149 fix broken link to noItemTypeImages preference
      bug 5235 : circ receipt should include name

Owen Leonard (39):
      Further fixes for Bug 3211, cataloging value plugin forms should be valid XHTML
      Fix for Bug 4261 - keyword mapping should show which framework the map is for
      Fix for Bug 5223, 'related subjects' should read 'subjects'
      Fix for Bug 5236 - "hide my tags" link does nothing
      Fix for Bug 5221 - Preselect tab containing itemtype/authval image in use
      Fix for Bug 5162, patron attributes 'new' link should create blank value
      Fix for Bug 4991, Overhaul of Calendar interface
      Fix for Bug 5114 - Can't edit basket in Internet Explorer
      Fix for Bug 5008 - "Remove" link missing when Cart in expanded view
      Fix for Bug 5137, Remove obsolete code counting issues by item type in circ
      Fix for Bug 5135 - Authorized value input maxlength should match table column
      Fix for Bug 5136, Replace SQL with call to GetAuthorisedValues
      Fix for Bug 5056, Untranslatable strings in members.js
      Fix for Bug 5142, Untranslatable strings in tag review template
      Fix for Bug 4980 - Acq: pull down 'Restrict access to:' for funds not translatable
      Fix for Bug 5082 - Not translatable name of default framework 'Default' in MARCdetail.tmpl
      Fix for Bug 4963, sys prefs need date hints and/or picker
      Fix for Bug 5214 - undefined itype images cause broken image icon in request.pl
      Fix for Bug 5254 - no need to scroll left to right on acq z search
      Fix for Bug 5075 - Terms not highlighted w/ xslt on
      Fix for Bug 4933, Link to subfield's edit tab from subfield structure admin
      Partial fix for Bug 4924, Public/Internal notes missing in staff normal view
      Fix for Bug 3271, Missing message when adding to a list with no items selected
      Fix for Bug 4359, noItemTypeImages not active in OPAC
      Bug 5396: New system preference UseTablesortForCirc
      Fix for Bug 4498 - Acq always shows '1 suggestions waiting'
      Additional fix for Bug 4423 - Staff Client XSLT is just a copy of the OPAC one
      Fix for Bug 5210, back button on batch modification result page useless
      Fix for Bug 5175, XSL view doesn't link publisher name to search
      Fix for Bug 4912 - After editing private list redirect to private lists
      Fix for Bug 4913 - Budget pages should show currency name instead of symbol
      Fix for Bug 3013, Value builder for 006 and 008 need choices for all format types
      Fix for Bug 5037 - If patron category is empty it shouldn't show
      Fix for Bug 5152 - confirm buttons different styles on lists
      Fix for Bug 2122, Grayed out Fields not always visible
      Bug 2122 follow-up for authorities editor
      Corrected patch for Bug 4520, facets "show more" doesn't work
      Fix for Bug 5004, Don't block deletion of cities when instances exist in borrowers table
      Another bug 5004 fix, this time for road types

Robin Sheat (1):
      Bug 5322 - Added pwgen dependency

Srdjan Jankovic (3):
      bug 5308: subscriptionroutinglist more strict
      bug5027: skip unticked checkboxes when submitting in the background.
      bug 5309: Adjust progres bar

Tomás Cohen Arazi (1):
      Bug 5412 double quotes break coins and thus search results in some scenarios

Zeno0 Tajoli (1):
      bug 5204: Unimarc XSLT, from French to English.


main Koha release repository

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