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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 3.10.6
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Adrien Saurat (5):
      Bug 9330: title field empty when duplicating a patron
      Bug 7241: circulation action logs record biblionumber instead of item number
      Bug 7241 follow-up: DB changes
      Bug 7241, follow-up: viewlog link for circulation
      Bug 9484: userid not generated consistently (different editing pages)

Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel (3):
      Bug 9358 - Fixed field plugins for MARC21 should be updated for MARC21 update #15
      Bug 9358 - Followup - Fixed field plugins for MARC21 should be updated for MARC21 update #15
      Bug 6709 - marc21_field_006.xml and marc21_field_008.xml can't be translated

Chris Cormack (8):
      Bug 9555: Another template contains single quotes in a js string
      Bug 9591 : Set Library changes after viewing Holds Queue >> reserves item
      Revert "Bug 9812 - Forbid access to several files through the browser"
      Bumping database version number
      Bug 6709 : Patch for testing translating .xml files
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'kc/3.10.x' into 3.10.x
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.10.x' into 3.10.x
      Release notes for 3.10.6

Christophe Croullebois (2):
      Bug 9923 - correction of a bug due to bz 7129
      Bug 7228: can't add items in an order with Modify

Colin Campbell (1):
      Bug 9684 : Correct path to compact.xsl

Corey Fuimaono (1):
      bug 9397 - Error Messages hard to find for Visually Impaired Users (Accessibility) [Returning Items] {REVISION 1.1}

D Ruth Bavousett (1):
      Language update for 3.10.6

David Cook (4):
      Bug 8508 - Holds to Pull : Library dropdown options are erroneously concatenated by br tags
      Bug 9737 - Local Covers sometimes appear then disappear on OPAC Search Results/Lists
      Bug 10097 - Hide framework selection when importing staged authority records
      Bug 10156 - Fix usr/bin/perl path for get_report_social_data.pl

Edmund Balnaves (1):
      Bug 8264 - local cover images not working in IE8 [ prog ]

Fridolyn SOMERS (8):
      Bug 9392: confirmation does not appear for negative notforloan items issues
      Bug 9759: last subfield can be deleted
      Bug 9720 : uninitialized value warnings in circulation
      Bug 9720 : uninitialized value warnings in circulation (followup 1)
      Bug 6898 - circulation librarians can't run overdues without reports permissions followup
      Bug 9613: items namespace missing in XSLT
      Bug 10022 - Multiple tags moderation doesn't work on translated page
      Bug 10033 - dangerous query in _koha_modify_item

Galen Charlton (1):
      Bug 9556: fix setting messaging prefs when changing patron category

Jared Camins-Esakov (3):
      Bug 9049: Don't use shadow with rebuild_zebra -r
      Bug 10085: unapi does not function under Plack
      Bug 10152: Default sorting wrong in parcels.pl

Jonathan Druart (5):
      Bug 7358: reaffect a closed basket to a closed basketgroup
      Bug 8508: Followup: Simplify the separateData js function
      Bug 9479: The member notices page doesn't display dates in the syspref format
      Bug 9479: FIX conflict with Bug 9014
      Bug 10044: Remove duplicate pagination on the pending orders page.

Julian Maurice (3):
      Bug 9019: Return item fields in ILS-DI GetRecords
      Bug 10185: Fix update
      Bug 10185: Add missing columns in update

Karam Qubsi (1):
      Bug 10176: Solve the Invalid URLs in 'Refine Search Results' when it uses UNICODE symbols

Katrin Fischer (2):
      Bug 8294: Fix display of serial enumeration for OPAC holds
      Bug 9818: Fixing capitalization and remove dollar sign

Kristina D.C. Hoeppner (1):
      Bug 2046 - Suggestions: Title Field too small

Kyle M Hall (8):
      Bug 5790 - Prevent deletion of records with holds
      Bug 5790 - Prevent deletion of records with holds - QA Followup
      Bug 8770 - amount does not equal amountoutstanding on a fine with no payments or credits
      Bug 6898 - circulation librarians can't run overdues without reports permissions
      Bug 10072 - "my suggestions" always says "There are no pending purchase suggestions."
      Bug 9839 - when importing MARC records, item record not created even when set to "always add"
      Bug 9523: importing staged bib records hangs if a matched bib has been deleted
      Bug 8419 - Suspended holds appear on the daily holds queue

Liz Rea (1):
      bug 4862 - Change label of Browse by subject or author to Authority search

Lyon3 Team (1):
      Bug 8896: Delete serials no more missing from missinglist

Magnus Enger (6):
      Bug 9213 - Implement analytics for NORMARC XSLT
      Bug 10058 - Fix unapi for NORMARC
      Bug 9804 - Fix name for NORMARC biblio-koha-indexdefs.xml
      Bug 7055 - NORMARC: Fix 008 position 15-17 and 35-37
      Bug 7054 - NORMARC: Fix default for 000 position 17
      Bug 9250 - Followup to add koha-*-sip commands to koha-common.xml

Marcel de Rooy (3):
      Bug 10110: Problems with diacritics in saved SQL reports
      Bug 10110 Followup for Acquisition.pm
      Bug 8896 QA Followup for regex

Mathieu Saby (1):
      Bug 9831: Correct and add authorised values un French UNIMARC installer

Owen Leonard (12):
      Bug 9608 - White background on header on check in
      Bug 9981: Handle sort1 field when duplicating patron
      Bug 10000 - Little typo in intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/help/tools/letter.tt: sliip
      Bug 10002 - Don't include line breaks in strings that are translated
      Bug 9860 [Alternate] Incorrect box heading 'Cannot check in' when a late document is returned
      Bug 10026 - OPAC cart not showing location anymore
      Bug 10153 - Patron header search form is too wide
      Bug 10111 - Layout on basket summary page a bit inconsistent
      Bug 9266 - Untranslated strings in tags moderation
      Bug 9957 - Missing cancel link on subfield editing page
      Bug 9679 - can't place hold from cart in CCSR
      Bug 10225 - If an item isn't editable, don't show the onclick Edit/Delete menu

Robin Sheat (2):
      Bug 9035 - delete bulkauthimport.pl
      Bug 9250 - [SIGNED-OFF] provide commands to manage the SIP server

Stefano Bargioni (1):
      Bug 10093 - Typo in marc21_leader.tt

Tomas Cohen Arazi (12):
      Bug 9812 - Forbid access to several files through the browser
      Bug 10042 - Minor typo ("Communnity") in packages docs
      Bug 10107 - opacbookbag shouldn't prevent from adding items to a list in the OPAC
      Bug 10149 - koha-restart-zebra error handling (rewording)
      Bug 10144 - koha-start-zebra error handling
      Bug 10104 - make koha-disable more robust
      Bug 10104 - Followup: fix param check
      Bug 10101 - make koha-enable more robust
      Bug 10101 - Follwup: fix param check
      Bug 10041 - Provide a koha-translate script to aid package users on installing translations
      Bug 10150 - koha-email-disable error handling
      Bug 10084 - YUI path wrong in CCSR theme with packages


main Koha release repository

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