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 tagged by  Julian Maurice
        on  Fri Sep 23 12:43:17 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Koha release 3.22.11
Version: GnuPG v1


Aleisha (1):
      Bug 16950: Serials subscriptions advanced search shows '0 found' pre-search

Aleisha Amohia (1):
      Bug 17175: Typo in patron card images error message

Andreas Roussos (2):
      Bug 17185: Staff client shows "Lists that include this title:" even if item is not in a list
      Bug 16311 - Advanced search language limit typo

Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel (8):
      Bug 16554: Fix fr-FR sample files
      Bug 16554: Fix I18N sample files
      Bug 16554: rewrite mandatory and sample data - es-ES
      Bug 16554: rewrite mandatory and sample data - nb-NO
      Bug 16554: rewrite mandatory and sample data - pl-PL
      Bug 16554: More i18n changes - en, es, nb and pl files
      Bug 16554: rewrite mandatory and sample data - it-IT
      Bug 16554: rewrite mandatory and sample data - de-DE

Chris Cormack (2):
      Bug 16587 - opac-sendbasket.pl is open to XSS
      Bug 16587 opac-sendshelf.pl is vulnerable to XSS

Frédéric Demians (2):
      Bug 16311: Update DB rev (
      Bug 17281 Warning when saving subfield structure

Hector Castro (1):
      Bug 17152: Do not copy value when duplicating a subfield

Holger Meißner (1):
      Bug 14434: Display "Not renewable (on hold)" in OPAC

Jacek Ablewicz (1):
      Bug 17072: 006 not filling in with existing values

Jonathan Druart (7):
      Bug 16587: Same fixes for the staff interface
      Bug 17157: Same for "More"
      Bug 16886: Make the 'Upload patron images' tool plack safe
      Bug 17128: Make summary-print.pl plack safe
      Bug 16990: Display branch names instead of code in patron mod requests
      Bug 16464: Add FIXME
      Bug 17114: Fix XSS in picture-upload.pl

Julian Maurice (4):
      Bug 17010: Fix syntax error (RMaint followup)
      Translation updates for Koha 3.22.11
      Update release notes for 3.22.11 release
      Increment version for 3.22.11 release

Katrin Fischer (1):
      Bug 11144: Fix sequence of cronjobs: automatic renewal - fines - overdue notices

Kyle M Hall (7):
      Bug 14390 - Fine not updated from 'FU' to 'F' on renewal
      Bug 14390 [QA Followup] - Unit Test
      Bug 14390 [QA Followup] - Fix warning
      Bug 11144 [QA Followup] - Let each script run in sequence even if one fails
      Bug 6852 [QA Followup] - Tidy AddItem
      Bug 17010 - Canceling a hold awaiting pickup no longer alerts librarian about next hold
      Bug 12629 - Software error when trying to merge records from different frameworks

Lee Jamison (1):
      Bug 17220: Change hold confirmation string from 'Place hold' to 'Confirm hold'

Magnus Enger (4):
      Bug 17228 - Fix whitespace in etc/SIPconfig.xml
      Bug 17228 - Make two versions of SIPconfig.xml identical
      Bug 17267 - Document koha-create --adminuser
      Bug 17266 - Update man page for koha-remove with -p

Marcel de Rooy (4):
      Bug 14390: [Follow-up] Only update FU record in UpdateFine
      Bug 17223: Add Cache::Memcached to PerlDependencies
      Bug 16809: Follow-up for scalarizing biblionumber
      Bug 6852: Staged import reports wrong success for items

Mark Tompsett (1):
      Bug 16809: Silence authority warnings C4::Biblio::TransformHtmlToMarc

Mirko Tietgen (3):
      Bug 17223 Follow-up: updated control file
      3.22.10 debian control fixes for debian package
      Bug 17121 - debian/control.in update: change maintainer for 3.22.x

Olli-Antti Kivilahti (1):
      Bug 16556 - KohaToMarcMapped columns sharing same field with biblio(item)number are removed.

Owen Leonard (6):
      Bug 13921 - XSLT Literary Formats Not Showing
      Bug 11019 - Require some fields when adding authorized value category
      Bug 17200 - Badly formatted "hold for" patron name on catalog detail page
      Bug 16464 - If a patron has been discharged, show a message in the OPAC
      Bug 14612 - Overdue notice triggers should show branchname instead of branchcode
      Bug 17010 [Follow-up] Canceling a hold awaiting pickup no longer alerts librarian about next hold

Tomas Cohen Arazi (2):
      Bug 16822: Make koha-common call koha-plack without --quiet
      Bug 17262: Inject MEMCACHED_* variables into Plack's env


main Koha release repository

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