[Koha-devel] Update guarantees on updating guarantor

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org
Thu Jan 21 12:30:37 CET 2016


Looking at the code, there is some broken with the guarantees code.
It seems that the expected behavior would be to update address, fax,
B_city, mobile, city and phone info of the guarantees when a guarantor
is modified.
But the code in C4::Members::ModMember is broken:

 668         my $borrowercategory= GetBorrowercategory(
$data{'category_type'} );
 669         if ( exists  $borrowercategory->{'category_type'} &&
$borrowercategory->{'category_type'} eq ('A' || 'S') ) {
 670             # is adult check guarantees;
 671             UpdateGuarantees(%data);
 672         }

First, GetBorrowerCategory expects a categorycode, not a category_type.
Then UpdateGuarantees retrieves the param like:

 989 sub UpdateGuarantees {
 990     my %data = shift;

Which means that %data will always be something like ( a_key => undef )
And nothing more.

The updateguarantees subroutine (It has been renamed) has been introduced by

commit 56825e415fc232e38f0a874dc9a81fa2169ef06b
Date:   Mon Aug 30 13:48:58 2004 +0000
    modularizing (with Members.pm) members management
    (beginning of...)

And the `%data = shift` already existed...
So I think that this behavior has never worked and we could remove the
related code.

Any protests?


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