[Koha-devel] Build a roadmap for 21.05

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at bugs.koha-community.org
Mon Nov 30 14:57:47 CET 2020

Hello everybody,

With your help I would like to build a roadmap for 21.05.

To do so we will create workgroups that will focus on various topics.
I will facilitate and help with the implementations and provide
feedback when needed.

I've listed some below, they are directly related to the Koha codebase
or its side-projects:
- Add tests for ES tests
- Port default slips and notices from bespoke syntax to Template Toolkit
- Refactor database translations
- CI integration/improvement with gitea
- Performance investigation
- Git repository shrinking
- Improve contributors list and release_tools
- Adjust release tools for stable releases
- "backup" splitter on a separate server
- Improve our "news" module
- Use DBIC relations to fetch related object rather than searching for
the object
- Developer handbook and documentation
- ...?

Each topic is listed on this collaborative pad (no account needed!)
Please add your names if you are planning to help writing, testing or
QAing them.

There is also a bugzilla keyword to follow, "rel_21_05_candidate":

And you, on what are you going to focus for 21.05? Feel free to add
your own topics on the pad to tell us and find people who will be
willing to help you!


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