[Koha-win32] help with (missing) unimarc framework

palmiro togliatti nolmupo at yahoo.it
Wed Nov 15 22:44:27 CET 2006

Hi all,
  I have a big problem trying to configure for the first time.
  Installation ver. 2.2.4 went fine on windows xp, but whether I missed it or not I didn't have the choice beetween a MARC framework and a UNIMARC framework.
  In parameters/system admin I set 'UNIMARC' flavour. 
  Now my problem is that when I go for the MARC structure in Biblio framework I have only a MARC structure while I need a UNIMARC structure.
  I also tried to edit a unimarc-like-200 field in the MARC structure but it is impossible (for me at least) to edit subfields (error message: Premature end of script headers: marc_subfields_structure.pl)
  Probably I am wrong in many ways.
  However any help would be immensely appreciated,
  Best Regards,

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