[Koha-devel] Tax rewrite ready to test!

Jonathan Druart jonathan.druart at biblibre.com
Thu Dec 18 13:49:54 CET 2014

Hello all,

I am proud to announce that the tax rewrite is ready to test!

All patches from patches present on the graph [1] are applied on the
branch kohac/ft/bug_13323 [2] (based on the current master).
The sandbox 17 [3] has been frozen with this branch and will be
updated regularly.

All the bug reports depending on bug 12825 don't modify the current behaviors.
The 3 on the top of the graph does.
1/ Bug 13321 (Tax and prices calculation need to be fixed) is the most
important one, the price calculation is changed (and the existing data
2/ Bug 13324 (The fund values must be based on tax included values) is
a small patch, it modifies the way the fund values are calculated
(should be based on tax included values).
3/ Bug 13323 (Change the tax rate on receiving) is a new enhancement.
All the patches before have submitted to make this patch easy to
write. This enhancement has been written easily, with only few changes
in pl scripts. It will permit to change the tax rate on receiving,
it's a need for several libraries, at least in France.

If you want to know how the prices are calculated everywhere, you can
have a look at the C4::Acquisition::populate_order_with_prices
subroutine, or at the specification on the wiki [4]
Note that the way freight costs are calculated is not changed yet.

The size of all patches not pushed yet is 62 files changed, 1803
insertions(+), 931 deletions(-)
In test files: 10 files changed, 663 insertions(+), 147 deletions(-),
in DB files: 4 files changed, 346 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-).
So it's a big change, but especially because of the variable names
homogeneity, the tests added and the DB structure changes.
I really would like to see a quick integration of this rewrite. First
to avoid regression with the current version (caused by rebases), and
not to push it at the end of the release cycle.

This patch set has been tested and validated by 2 testers at BibLibre
(Laurence and Stéphane) and by Sonia from the Lyon3 team during the
last signoff day. I am quite confident with it.

Please ask me if you have any question on how all of this works.


[1] http://www.gliffy.com/go/publish/6160409
[2] https://git.biblibre.com/biblibre/kohac/commits/ft/bug_13323
[3] http://pro.test17.biblibre.com/
[4] http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/GST_Rewrite_RFC

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